Introduction to Forest Kindergartens - Istanbul

Introduction to Forest Kindergartens shall be run in English by Gaye Amus this March. We invite you to this training that will take place in İstanbul and join the growing network of outdoor education.

Who is this course for:
Early childhood educators, primary school teachers, special needs teachers, child development teachers, social service workers, academicians as well as 3rd and 4th year grade students from these fields, Montessori teachers (2 years AMI) and Waldorf teachers.

The course fee is 980 tl* and includes certificate, lunch and guidance for a portfolio. Credit card payment if paid in full is possible. *Tax included.

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This 2 day training course organised in collaboration with Gel Oyna, is the first of the two stages of outdoor education. The theory will be presented through presentation, group work and videos indoors in the Adile Sultan Palace, which is located in the Asian side of İstanbul, whilst practical hands on work, will take place outdoors regardless of weather, in the forest located a walking distance from the indoor premises.

The basic features of Forest kindergartens and outdoor learning will be presented in this course providing theory and practice with the aim of connecting children as well as adults to nature again. It will also show how the outdoors can be an inspiring learning environment which supports physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development. Gaye Amus has developed this course for participants to get acquainted with forest and nature-based kindergartens based on her first hand experiences. Her aim is to support participants in taking the first step in developing their self-esteem to be able to work in natural environments. After the 2 day course participants are expected to take the children outdoors once a week and prepare a 5 week portfolio. The participants shall get mentorship from Gaye Amus for the 5 weeks practice. The time given for participants to create their portfolios is 6 months.

This course is a prerequisite for the second stage which approaches outdoor education in a more comprehensive manner with a 4-day training course. The 4-day training course is supported by the outdoor education expert Prof. Anders Szczepanski from Linköping University, Sweden. These trainings will be a guide for those who would like to work in forest kindergartens in the future or start one.

Stage 1 "Introduction to forest kindergartens" course includes the following:

Max. number of participants: 16

Deadline for application: 28th February 2018

About the educator:
Gaye Amus Environmental Educator specialized in early childhood education, Consultant

Gaye Amus runs training courses for educators and gives consultancy on outdoor education and sustainability for kindergartens and primary schools. She has participated in international conferences and has run courses around Europe.

Pioneer and founder member of the Children in Permaculture project, funded by Erasmus + (2015-2018), Gaye is also representing the UK organisation- Permaculture Association Britain.

She has had an article published called “An alternative journey into forest kindergartens and the Reggio Emilia approach”, which depicts some of her experiences in early childhood education in Finland during the years 2007-2012. The article can be found online at

Feedback from teachers who participated in the course:

“I loved her presence, attitude and approach. It is a real pleasure and inspiration for me to have a trainer who is well-prepared intelectually, emotionally aware of the group process, and most of all embodying what she teaches. I really appreciated her finding solutions to manage tricky situations, her attention to detail, fine critical thinking and listening skills.”

“Gaye Amus met all my expectations and I find her teaching methods appropriate for adults education. It all started with some practical exercises that made me curious, then in the second part I had the chance too put my thoughts in order, in the theoretical part. Great!”

“I would suggest this course to others because I believe we need more examples of this kind of teaching and training to open people's minds about education as a way to develop critical thinking, autonomy, creativity and love for nature.”

“This course gives you hope that you can make a change in the education system.”

“Gaye Amus is an amazing person, she's got pedagogical talent and I could feel that in every part of the course.”

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